What is the best way to use CDN, and where to host your files?

What is the most reliable and affordable CDN in the world? #BunnyCDN

What is a CDN? CDN is a Content Delivery Network. It is a global network of servers that speeds up the cache access time of your website by hosting files to servers worldwide. Among the popular files hosted on the CDN are javascript (.js) files, images, CSS, videos, and others. CDN will host all our files in several countries/continents to speed up access time. For example, if your website visitors are from Canada, the CDN will automatically select a location near Canada to speed up the access time of the website files. Unlike if you do not use a CDN, web access using a server, opening files through a server will slow down the website access time to process, receive and send content to end-user (visitors).

Every web admin or blogger needs a CDN to speed up website loading because a slow website will affect the ranking of search engines. Google likes decent websites. The estimated time to reach the appropriate website is about 1-2 seconds and does not exceed 3 seconds.

In this post, Padi wants to share a CDN website that offers a meager and affordable price, especially for web admins and bloggers lukewarm like Paddy. Bunny CDN is the cheapest CDN in the world, especially for your files on the internet. Bunny CDN charges a minimum monthly charge of USD 1, around rm 4.4 per month. If you want to use their services, the price is below.

  • Europe & North America$0.01 /GB (or the equivalent of 4 sen per GB)
  • Asia & Oceania$0.03 /GB (or the equivalent of 13 cents per GB)
  • South America$0.045 /GB (or the equivalent of 20 per GB)
  • The Middle East & Africa$0.06 /GB (or the equivalent of 26 sen per GB)

It is cheap and worth the Bunny CDN service. In addition to offering services at an affordable price, it also has a high-security system and high-speed access times.

The picture below is a dashboard from Bunny‚Äôs own Paddy CDN account. Consumption is around 500MB, 1usd per [email protected] RM 4.4 or the equivalent of 14 sen per day. Indeed Bunny CDN is relatively cheap and worth it.

In the next post, Padi will teach you how to use Bunny CDN technology for your website.

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