How to generate income through your website or blog

Websites are an essential platform for connecting people with a borderless world. Some create websites as a hobby, some also run businesses with online businesses, and some also use the web for learning purposes and business. Apart from that, some use the web for multimedia sharing and other purposes.

There are various ways to generate income using a website. Among them is advertising. You are encouraged to generate revenue through advertising if you are a blogger. Blank slots on a website can also be used for advertising. The relevant ads used in the empty spaces are image ads or banner advertising. There are several fees charged to advertisers depending on the size of the banner. The advertising period in the advertising cycle is a monthly or annual period. Among these advantages, you can determine the price of a banner ad. If your website or blog has high monthly visitors, many people will book every slot on your website.

In addition, there is a way to generate revenue through Google. This program is called Google Adsense. Many web admins and bloggers generate income through Google Adsense; some even create thousands of dollars monthly. Revenue calculation is based on the number of clicks of an ad and the price per click (cost per click). The more clicks mean, the higher the revenue of your website.

But, it is not easy to register for the Program Google Adsense. Each application will be reviewed before being accepted into the Google Adsense Program. If you have excellent and unique content, a large number of pages. You are encouraged to join.

To join Google Adsense, browse

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