Personal experience using the Google Cloud Platform

Our experience using the Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform @ GCP is a cloud computing service built by Google. There are many things we can do with GCP. Multi-functional services and the latest innovations are dedicated to business or services-oriented creativity and innovation.

Among the popular services in GCP are Blogging, Translating, Transcribing (Services that convert¬†[email protected]¬†into text, and many other interesting functions in GCP. Padi has been using this GCP service for almost three months. Padi uses the WordPress Blog platform powered by Google Cloud Platform. This platform is compelling because it uses the latest facilities and technology. Padi hosted this site to shared hosting before. But the performance is quite disappointing.

So recently, Padi tried to use GCP hosting. Honestly, Padi sees that GCP is very powerful. This GCP is suitable for those who like a fast and fast website experience. The price of GCP is not high, and it is not too cheap compared to a VPS or dedicated server. Honestly, use about rm1 a day for hosting rental rates at GCP. About RM30 per month is allocated for Padi websites. In addition, this GCP uses the pay-per-use concept. So you will be charged with the usage rate only.

You can choose how much data is needed and RAM according to your wishes; the higher the spec you choose, the higher the price.

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