Journey to Cruise Tasik Putrajaya with family

Last Saturday, my family and I had the opportunity to visit Putrajaya. The visit this time was quite interesting as Padi’s mother and siblings accompanied it.
We left home at around 5 pm. We arrived at Putrajaya around 5.40 pm. We wish to find parking around the Putrajaya mosque roundabout is not successful as the parking is full. So we had to park on the side of the road along the route at Putra Bridge.

We had to walk a little to get to Cruise Tasik Putrajaya. For information, these Cruise Services offer two types of services. One uses a boat/boat named “Dondang Sayang Boat”, while the other is a cruise boat.

There is a difference in the price for boarding the two water types of transport. Please refer to the picture below.

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya Ticket Counter

Around the ticket counter are shops selling souvenirs, T-shirts, water, snacks, and ice cream. In addition to this Putrajaya Lake Cruise, there is also a bicycle and buggy rental place. It seems that many people rent bicycles around the lake.

On the last trip, my family’s had to board the cruise at 7 pm, as the slot at 6 pm was full.

Padi is considered a 7 pm trip given a special discounted price, only rm 15 for adults. It saves 50% of the actual cost of rm 30. if you want to get a cheap ticket price, please book at the 7 pm slot. 🙂
After 6.45, the staff rang the bell, so we entered to go to the pier together with other passengers.

The entrance is opposite the clothes shop next to the ticket counter. You have to go down and enter the hallway with the gate. They take pictures before joining the cruise. At the beginning of the cruise, there is a staff briefing about safety and where the cruise will pass later. After completing the briefing, they allowed the passengers to go to the front and back deck to see the scenery.

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The important thing is that we always have to keep an eye on our distance from other passengers, because when we can go out to the deck, everyone is very excited, including us, hahaha!

Although the trip at 7 pm is the last, you won’t regret that even on a dark day, you’ll be able to see the mesmerizing view around Putrajaya at sunset and enjoy enjoying the water as it ripples. You can also see the sightseeing the beauty of the building in the dark.

That is our story on the Putrajaya Lake Cruise.

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