Visiting Aquaria KLCC

Essential tips on how to visit Aquaria KLCC based on my personal experience

Last Saturday, Padi had the opportunity to visit the KLCC Aquaria located near the KLCC Tower. The group this time involved five adults and three children. In preparation, tickets have been purchased online at the shop, so there is no need to queue at the ticket counter.

Padi and his family started their journey at 11 am because they wanted to find parking. Padi suggested parking at the Menara Getah Asli Malaysia building facing KLCC. The parking fee here is relatively cheap at RM8 per day (on Saturdays and Sundays) compared to parking at KLCC or KLCC convention center, which is much more expensive.

After parking at the Natural Rubber Building (Tower), we walked a few minutes to KLCC, down the KLCC Tower, crossed the KLCC Park, and entered the KLCC Convention Center Building. Aquaria KLCC is under the Convention Center building.

After about 13 minutes of walking, we finally arrived at Aquaria KLCC. As expected, many people were queuing to buy tickets. Padi is grateful because he bought tickets online, and there is a particular lane for online ticket buyers. So there is no need to queue long to enter the KLCC Aquaria.

The aquarium is a huge aquarium that houses various species of marine life we rarely see. Aquaria KLCC is also world-class. There are underwater tunnels that allow us to experience as if we are on the seabed with various species of marine life. Some exciting attractions at Aquaria KLCC include predatory species such as relatively large sharks, turtles, stingrays, jellyfish, seahorses, multiple species of shrimp, and various other species of seabed life. In addition, there are also corals of different sizes and colors. Apart from that, there is also a space for freshwater species such as arapaima fish, piranha fish, and others.

Pictured with lionfish at Aquaria KLCC

As Malaysians, Padi is very proud that we have a large aquarium tank that houses a variety of marine life in Kuala Lumpur KLCC. We do not need to spend thousands of ringgit to go out of the country to see various marine life because we have Aquaria KLCC, a world-class Aquarium. Padi can guarantee the area in this aquarium is clean and the aquarium is not dirty.

So to all Malaysians. Come to Aquaria KLCC to experience the experience of seeing different marine life swimming beside and above us. Come to Aquaria KLCC even once in a lifetime because our country has extensive and world-class aquarium facilities.

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