KITA Delivery Part Timer Recruitment 

Recently I had the opportunity to register for the KITA program, which is a part-time courier using a motorcycle. KITA program is exciting because you can join whenever you have free time without interfering with your work.
Flexible working hours and attractive bonus performance in the KITA program are reasonable compared to other deliveries such as food delivery. If we deliver food, we must wait for the food to prepare at the restaurant and then send it to the buyer. But for the program, We only send documents, and there is no need to rush to send them to the recipient for fear of the food being cold or meeting a demanding customer at the restaurant, which makes our time so late to send food to a customer.

Registration conditions:

1. Malaysian citizens

2. Have a valid IC

3. Have a valid GMAIL Account

4. Have an Android Phone

5. Have a valid VEHICLE LICENSE and vehicle for delivery (car/motorcycle/van).

6. Have your bank account and not in the name of a third party.

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