Get your website ready for Google’s Core Web Vitals update!

Core web vitals are the key performance indicators of a website. They are the essential measures of how well a website is performing. Also, there are four core web vitals: page speed, website uptime, website security, and website content. Page speed is the time it takes for a website to load.

Page speed is measured in seconds. Website uptime determines how often a website is accessible to users. A website that is never down, always loading, and running at peak performance is the ultimate example of an excellent website. Website security is the level of protection a website has from attacks. Website security measures the safety of a website against malicious attacks, such as hackers. Website content is how much unique information and the number of pages a website has for a visitor. These core web vitals relate directly to your website’s goals, and your website’s performance directly correlates with your business’s success.

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