What is Caching? Why it important for your website?

Caching is a mechanism for storing data so that We can retrieve it faster.
A cache is a temporary storage area for data a computer system uses. Caching is done to speed up the performance of a system by storing data in faster but less expensive storage media.

Many popular caches are used in industries, especially for big business players that run many servers and datacentre. Redis and Memcached are the most famous cache services. Both are used this kind of caching mechanism. Memcached stores data in RAM while Redis stores data on disk.

Memcached is a caching that stores copies of the data in many places. Redis is a caching that stores copies of the data in one place.
Caching is used to store data so that we can retrieve it faster. Caching stores copies of the data in many places, which allows for more efficient retrieval and saves time.

if you want to get a better rank on search engines, you should optimize your website performance by doing caching and improving website SEO.

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